All Charges in US dollars / 3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+












The Perks of Tease and Denial

Like anything, guided masturbation takes practice. Don't expect to be able to last for days at a time on your first chat. Our tease and denial training sessions allow you to start at your own pace and move forward. Guys get excited very easily, so your first time out you may only last several minutes. Our sexy, cockteasing voices are designed to make it very hard for you to follow our orders! But with the help of our Masturbatrix Mistresses, you could be trained to have a guided masturbation session that lasts several hours!

Love to be seduced by a cocktease? Then Guided Masturbation is the perfect place for you!

Cock Control Training

If you have a submissive side that is yearning to get free, guided masturbation is a great first step. Put your faith (and your cock!) in the hands of our talented Mistresses. Cock control requires trust and absolute obedience on your part. Often submissive men hide their true nature and worry about how it would impact their lives and what others might think. First of all, being submissive is nothing to be ashamed of! Cock control training can push you into the world of dominance and submission without that fear of getting caught.

Our Mistresses treat every single client with the trust needed to form a perfect tease and denial relationship. Whereas the control is mainly in her corner, she will never be unaware of your desires and needs.

CFNM and Chastity Training

Have you got a hot CFNM fantasy you want to share? Our CFNM phone sex sessions let you bring this fantasy to life. Imagine being surrounded by tons of women and being forced to strip naked and perform for them. They would command you to masturbate and deny you over and over again as the temperature in the room got hotter and hotter!

We also offer Chastity Training for the advanced. Slip into a chastity belt and let your Mistress take full control of you and your cock. It's the ultimate in orgasm control ending with an amazing guided masturbation session.

Don't explore guided masturbation with just anyone! Our Masturbatrix Mistresses are the best in providing you with one hot, steamy, erotic, and definitely explosive guided masturbation session!