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Guided Masturbation Stories and Essays

Of course you are a Guided Masturbation expert so you think you can handle Pass the Penis, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it yet. Let me tell you a little bit about how the game works and then we’ll talk more about details. Pass the Penis is made just for LDW and our clients, we all love to play games and have fun with you and each other and Pass the Penis is the perfect opportunity to do that! You see it’s really very simple how it works and the rules…well we make those up as we go along of course! Read more about Pass the Penis.

The most stripped-down version of guided masturbation (no pun intended) requires only your cock, your hand, and a set of directions for you to follow. However, this is like saying that all a car needs to run is an engine and a transmission. Of course, you don't actually need an air conditioner in your car, but it sure does make the drive a lot more pleasant if you do have it. Read What You'll Need for Guided Masturbation to find out how you can really spice up your next guided masturbation session!

You go to you Mistress for a Guided Masturbation session. This is something you’ve many times over the years and you really enjoy the rapport you have with her. You love that she knows just how to guide you and what to say. She knows when to make you stop and just how far to go to give you the most intense orgasm. And the fact that she finds watching you exciting is an added bonus. The webcam is on, as it usually is and she is gazing at you as you happily stroke your cock. Read more about Guided Masturbation Tease and Denial.

Guided Masturbation. You've been seeing the term everywhere lately. What is it and why do you need it? If it is somebody telling you how to masturbate, why on earth you even need that? You know exactly how to masturbate; have been doing it for years, in fact. Well, we think you *do* need masturbation guidance and our experienced Masturbatrixes know exactly what you need. Read more about it in What is Guided Masturbation?

What is the best way to control a male submissive? The answer to this question is very simple: Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial,Male Chastity, and, of course,Ruined Orgasm. These ideas are all very well-known and oft-used. One other concept that some femdom Mistresses find to be particularly successful is coerced cum eating. Read more about Guided Masturbation and Cum Eating.

I kind of have a reputation for being a total slut, but the single father who had hired me to be his babysitter the summer after my freshman year in college clearly did not have a clue! I had decided right from the get-go that I would turn him in to my guided masturbation play-thing, another cute victim of my cock tease. I just knew that I could have him going crazy in no time, if I could just set up the perfect scenario. I knew that every other weekend, his child would be with his mom, and the sexy dad would be all alone, so I waited patiently until the weekend my mom would be out of town coincided with the time he would be all alone too! Read Slutty Babysitter's Guided Masturbation Game.

People do not realize how powerful our hands are. This is doubly true when it comes to guided masturbation. In this essay, I'm going to explore the different types of touch a man can do with his hands while masturbating. Read all about the Different Types of Masturbation.

I am sure it is just a typical lonely night, and you are surfing the internet, looking for something to make your normal jerk off session a bit more interesting. This is when you will stumble upon guided masturbation. Of course, guided masturbation may sound silly at first, but it can be very exciting, actually. You never know until you give it a try just how intense the feelings can be. Continue reading Sensations of Guided Masturbation.

I know that many men go about saying how they want to be submissive or to be dominated by a powerful femdom; in fact, many relish in the intensecock tease that is assured to happen in any session with a femdom. I have decided that there should be a set of rules for men that wish to be submissive. All of these rules would be carried out with love and in mutual fun. Read the Rules for a Harmonious Guided Masturbation Relationship.

I was home for the summer after my Sophomore year in college, and I had just turned 21. I am a pretty typical classic cutie next door meets sorority hottie. I have long blonde curly hair, a tight young body, and a nice ass and big perky tits. I had been teasing my next-door neighbor Rob for years. Read more about me in Coed Cock Tease.

I do not know how things have come to this. I mean, how does this even happen? One moment your life is sailing along, everything is sailing, man, just sailing, and then, blam, everything has changed in an instant. Suddenly the track the train of your life is running on just disappears, or there is a bump, or some one blows up the tracks, and the whole train derails and topples. Sometimes, the track changes, and, suddenly, you are on a new track heading towards a similar destination, but the whole damn scenic view has changed. My life changed like that. Continue reading Cuckold Gets a Guided Masturbation Surprise.

"You're going to masturbate for me," I informed him. "Only you're not going to use your hands." I gestured toward my feet. Who says guided masturbation has to be done with one's own hands, anyway? He actually ended up with quite a few jerk off instructions from me, which he followed without ever touching his cock with his own hands. Continue reading a Foot Fetishist's Masturbation Fantasy.

Often, you'll find the terms guided masturbation and tease and denial used almost interchangably. Have you ever wondered why? Well, they aren't really interchangeable, and we'll be glad to tell you why! Read What is the Difference between Tease and Denial and Guided Masturbation? to find the answer.

For some reason, even if you are not even planning on going outside, a rainy day still means your day is shot to hell. Mistress loved these days, though. She referred to them as game nights. While for most people, couples in particular, that means it is time to break out the wine and board games, my Mistress had a few different ideas. See, Mistress is aphone sex femdomme as well. And the game for today was going to be something she could do while working. Read more about it in Guided Masturbation with a Phone Sex Femdom.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I never even thought of guided masturbation as a possibility until after I'd been a Mistress for quite some time already. It actually took my slave going out of town on business for a couple of weeks for me to figure it out. Hard to believe it took me so long, huh? But, yes, unfortunately, that's the way it played out. I wasn't a phone sex Mistress at the time, so nothing of the sort had ever even entered my head. (Of course, my discovery of guided masturbation IS partly what led me to become a phone sex Mistress, but that's another story.) Continue reading Mistress Learns about Guided Masturbation.

What are blue balls? It seems like a silly question, doesn't it? "What are blue balls?" indeed. Every man who's ever had to endure any form of teasing is very familiar with that deep, heavy ache. But just because you're familiar with the way it feels doesn't mean you understand what it is or how a phone sex Mistress can use them against you. Learn more about it in What are Blue Balls?

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My boyfriend just got his diploma, and was accepted into a large accounting firm which shall remain nameless as he still works there, and has gained more than a few promotions. Of course, no one knew under his cap, gown, and clothes were a chastity device, bright pink panties, and a matching bra which did not have it's usual breast forms. Oh, I may have neglected to mention my boyfriend was my crossdressing submissive. But, that night, things changed. Read A Femdom's Crossdressing Guided Masturbation Story.

He had gone on a recent business trip, and the game was that he would not be allowed to orgasm until after he had returned home. That is how we ended up where we are right now, with him standing with his pants down around his ankles, cock limp and my fingers wrapped around his fairly empty ballsack. I knew he had broken the rules and jerked off without my permission and allowed himself relief; but let me tell you how we ended up here. Read more Business Trip Blue Balls.

Being a very high ranked professional, I dress in a certain way to maintain my image; I always wear a perfectly matched and coordinated dress suit with a sensible skirt and a pair of matching nylon stockings<. And so I stood in the bathroom looking over the row of stockings that were laid out hanging on the towel rod, since I wore my nylons so often that they were always in one stage or another of drying. At first glance, I did not notice much out of place, they were all sitting perfectly in the order that I always carefully put them, darker to lighter stockings. Read A Husband's Nylon Fetish Revealed.

I had been a part of a very exclusive CFNM fetish club. We often would play various games with the group, often betting on various things. This week's challenge was to seduce a man that you saw often, but never really had gotten to know; Of course picture proof was necessary. We also had a website where we would post the pictures of our prime caught game. In most of the photographs, we were kind enough to blur out the faces, but for really naughty men, they were left completely exposed. Continue reading CFNM Guided Masturbation Fun.

I have been a tease and denial Mistress for many years now. I have one particular guided masturbation slave who has been with me for a long-term relationship. It would be a lie if I said that I did not relish in torturing his cock and balls, leaving him frustrated for months on end. I love how he squirms, how he quivers and begs, and the way that he's so eager to please me in any way I wish. Read more Cocktease Guided Masturbation Princess.

Suddenly something shiny caught my eye on one pair of the stockings. I picked up the jet-black stocking and very carefully ran it through my hands smoothly, slowly and deliberately. On the stocking welt, I spotted a very thin, but still slightly damp stain, another toward the lower calf and even more all over the feet and toes of the stockings. I knew right away what my husband had been up too. I had been taking advantage of his nylon fetish for years in our games of guided masturbation and tease and denial. I knew his weakness all too well, and in a way, it excited me. This was all the proof I needed to move forward my plan. Read A Husband's Nylon Fetish Revealed.

Hi there, my name is... Well, my name is not important, now is it. I am just a storyteller, a phone sex storyteller considering the site, but this is not a situation from a call. No, I have a physical Femdom Mistress. Mistress is a big, big fan of tease and denial, and, well, what Mistress wants, Mistress gets. This story happened not to long ago. Thursday, to be exact. Continue reading Male Orgasm Control Fantasy.

Nothing at all wrong with a man who loves to stroke his cock. Oh, my wife has some complaints. I get off on my own enough that I don’t need to have sex with her as often. Sounds crazy maybe, but it’s true. And you know when you get used to something and you know just what you like better than anyone does, it is hard to give up control to someone else. Continue reading Why you Need Masturbation Guidance.

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